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Full name : Adam Malik
Alias : Adam Malik
Gender : Men
Country : Indonesia
Birthday : 22-07-1917
Address : Pematangsiantar
Animals : The Snake
Zodiac : Cancer
Died : 05-09-1984
Father :
Mother :
Siblings :
Wife :
Children :
Education :
Position :
Activists : Political Leaders

Adam Malik was Indonesia’s third vice president and one of the pioneers of Indonesian journalism. He also served as a senior diplomat and played an important role in the events leading up to Indonesia's Declaration of Independence and the formation of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Born into a Muslim family on the west coast of Sumatra, his formal education was short-lived as he became a revolutionary at the age of 17. After being imprisoned for a brief period for his rebellious activities, he went to Jakarta where he founded a press service for the insurgent movement. Later, he joined the politics, becoming a member of Indonesia's provisional Parliament during the war against the Dutch and went on to serve in the House of Representatives as a member of Murba Party. After becoming a journalist and a politician, he then took up the duties of a diplomat and was appointed an ambassador to the Soviet Union and Poland. Subsequently, he became the Foreign Minister of the country, a post he served for 11 years. Alongside, he was also appointed the President of the United Nations General Assembly. Later, he became the Vice President of Indonesia in Suharto’s government after retiring from his diplomat career. A devoted nationalist, he adapted to rapidly changing tides in Indonesian politics, dedicating his entire career towards the development of his homeland and its people

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