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Full name : Alun Hoddinott
Alias : Alun Hoddinott
Gender : Men
Country : Wales
Birthday : 11-08-1929
Address : Glamorgan
Animals : The Snake
Zodiac : Leo
Died : 20-03-2008
Father :
Mother :
Siblings :
Wife :
Children :
Education : Cardiff University
Position :
Activists : Composers

Since his childhood days, Alun Hoddinott was attracted to music and he started learning the violin, which is considered to be the instrument of choice of a composer. His works started gaining attention while he was a student. His music was known for having deep sensuality and dark undertones. The author used to work in the dark recesses of night, thus most of his pieces were based in a nocturnal setting and the music used to perfectly blend with such settings. Apart from being a prolific composer, this musician was also an outstanding teacher. During his career at the ‘Cardiff College’, which was later known as ‘University College’, he polished many budding talents and provided them a platform in the form of ‘Cardiff Festival of Twentieth Century Music’. He was a generous personality who always encouraged their friends and colleagues to pursue their interests. As a composer, the man worked with a rare ferocity and generally baffled his contemporaries with the speed he composed. His works were of a diverse nature and had explored all forms of music including operas, symphonies and concertos. In the course of his glorious career, he had composed over 300 individual works including six operas. The ‘BBC National Orchestra of Wales’ organised the gala opening of the composer’s last work, ‘Taliesin’, at the ‘Swansea Festival of Music’ in 2009 after his death. To know more about the composer read on

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