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Full name : Assi Rahbani
Alias : Assi Rahbani
Gender : Men
Country : Lebanese
Birthday : 04-05-1923
Address : Antelias
Animals : The Pig
Zodiac : Taurus
Died : 21-06-1986
Father :
Mother :
Siblings : Mansour Rahbani
Wife : Fairuz
Children :
Education : Ziad Rahbani
Position :
Activists : Composers , Lyricists & Songwriters, Poets

Assi Rahbani was a Lebanese composer, musician, lyricist, playwright and poet whose many musical and theatrical works helped to bring the work of Arabian artists to the attention of the western world. He got his start in Lebanese radio theater, writing and producing songs and sketches about life in Lebanon. Together with his younger brother Mansour and the Lebanese singer Fairuz, whom he later married, he formed the ‘Rahbani Brothers’ and created a unique and distinctive style of musical theater that combined opera, poetry, folklore, and culture. This unique blend was sentimental and patriotic and was aimed toward delighted Lebanese audiences, but also captured international attention. They performed in ‘Carnegie Hall’ and became an international sensation, and used their musical and cultural influence to help launch the careers of many up and coming Arabian artists. The ‘Rahbani Brothers' are considered as pioneers of a unique style of music and today their contributions to the world of musical theater are studied in prominent universities. In addition to his musical career, he also wrote and directed numerous plays, television productions and musicals that he executed with the help of his family members and other Arabian artists. By the end of his career he was a sought after producer and composer responsible for hundreds of successful projects.


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