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Full name : Baburam Bhattarai
Alias : Baburam Bhattarai
Gender : Men
Country : Nepal
Birthday : 18-06-1954
Address : Khoplang, Gorkha, Nepal
Animals : The Horse
Zodiac : Gemini
Died :
Father :
Mother :
Siblings :
Wife : Hisila Yami
Children : Manushi Bhattarai
Education : School of Planning and Architecture Delhi Chandigarh College of Architecture Jawaharlal Nehru University Amrit Campus
Position :
Activists : Political Leaders , Prime Ministers

Baburam Bhattarai is a Nepalese politician, guerilla leader, and scholar who served as the country’s 35th Prime Minister. Though he was born in a peasant family, he excelled in studies and topped the school and college board exams. He did his bachelor, master and doctorate from various colleges in India and went back to his country to lead a Maoist uprising against the monarchy and the government. Though he was second-in-command to Pushpa Kumar Dahal who is better known as Prachanda of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), he was the actual human face of the movement. He was the first person to demand the distribution of land to landless farmers, the abolition of treaties that were disadvantageous to his country and stoppage of foreign investment in businesses and other affairs. He started an armed struggle against the repressive laws of the government and led the agitation over ten long years. He even left the government to float a party with former colleagues in the party and the government and others to fight for the oppressed. The party was formed by Bhattarai as an alternative to government’s misrule.

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