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Historical Personalities » Emperors & Kings » CALIGULA

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Full name : Caligula
Alias : Caligula
Gender : Men
Country : Ancient Roman
Birthday : 31-08-2012
Address : Anzio
Animals : The Dragon
Zodiac : Virgo
Died : 24-01-2041
Father : Germanicus
Mother : Agrippina the Elder
Siblings : Nero Julius Caesar, Drusus Caesar, Julia Livilla, Julia Drusilla, Agrippina the Younger
Wife : Junia Claudilla, Livia Orestilla, Lollia Paulina, Milonia Caesonia
Children : Julia Drusilla
Education :
Position :
Activists : Emperors & Kings

Nicknamed Caligula, Gaius Juluis Ceasar Augustus Germanicus was the 3rd Emperor of Roman Empire. The unfortunate death of his father and later Tiberius in 37 AD led Caligula to take up the throne as the Emperor of Rome. The first seven months of Caligula’s reign were absolutely blissful as he brought forth several reforms and policies that were for the benefit of the citizens. However, following his ill health, he turned into an aggressive leader. During the better half of his reign, Caligula earned the wrath for his insane orders and engagements. He killed on whims and fancies, squandered state treasury for his individualistic motives, engaged in sexual activities with wives of other men, called himself God, directed much of his attention to ambitious construction projects and became increasingly self-absorbed. His fear for dethronement was so high that he killed members of his family, including his sisters, brother and son. However, not everything was negative during his reign. Caligula supervised abolishment of certain taxes, helped better Roman infrastructure and public transportation and aided those harmed by natural calamities or mean rules.