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Full name : Emperor Wu of Han
Alias : Emperor Wu of Han
Gender : Men
Country : China
Birthday : 30-06-0156
Address : Chang'an
Animals : The Monkey
Zodiac : Cancer
Died : 29-03-1987
Father : Emperor Jing of Han
Mother : Empress Wang Zhi
Siblings : Liu Sheng, Prince of Zhongshan, Princess Pingyang, Princess Nangong, Princess Longlü
Wife : Empress Chen Jiao, Empress Wei Zifu, Lady Li, Consort Wang, Consort Li Ji, Consort Zhao, Consort Yin, Consort Xing
Children : Emperor Zhao of Han, Liu Ju, Liu Bo, Prince Ai of Changyi, Princess Wei the Eldest, Princess Yangshi, Princess Zhuyi, Liu Hong, Prince Huai of Qi, Liu Dan, Prince La of Yan, Liu Xu, Prince Li of Guangling, Princess Shiyi
Education :
Position :
Activists : Emperors & Kings

Wudi is the posthumous name of Emperor Wu of Han who was the seventh emperor of the Han dynasty of China; he ruled from 141–87 BC. His reign lasted over half a century and is one of the longest reigns in Chinese history. A famed military campaigner, Wudi led his armies on great expeditions that resulted in vast expansion of the territories under his rule. The autocratic emperor with his ruthless campaigning brought Southern China and northern and central Vietnam under his control and was successful in re-conquering northern and central Korea which had slipped out of Chinese control. Even though he was able to considerably expand his empire through his aggressive military campaigns, these wars also depleted much of the empire’s reserves and wealth. He declared new taxes and implemented new business policies to increase the state’s income which made him unpopular among the citizens. Even though marked by prosperity in the beginning, the final years of his reign were filled with financial difficulties and political unrest. Wudi was also known for his introduction of various religious and cultural changes into the society. He made Confucianism the state religion of China, and was obsessed with finding the path to immortality.


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