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Full name : Iskander Mirza
Alias : Iskander Mirza
Gender : Men
Country : Pakistan
Birthday : 15-11-1899
Address : Murshidabad
Animals : The Pig
Zodiac : Scorpio
Died : 15-11-1969
Father :
Mother :
Siblings :
Wife : Rifa'at Begum, Naheed Begum
Children : Shah Taj Imam Mirza, Enver Mirza, Humayum Mirza
Education : Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Elphinstone College University of Mumbai
Position :
Activists : Political Leaders , Presidents

Iskander Mirza was a notable politician who had seen India as a British colony, and was also a witness to the partition of India and Pakistan. The vastness of Iskander Mirza’s political and historical knowledge can thus be assumed. His political engagements and administrative qualities were the key to his successful political career. He was appointed to various posts in his entire career, and the dedicated leader never failed to accomplish his duties. His career as a leader scaled great heights with each post he assumed. During his Presidency, there was a lot of instability in the country, and the nation also witnessed the election of four Prime Ministers within a short span of time. He even introduced martial law in Pakistan for the first time and made his acquaintance Ayub Khan the Military Chief. Some regard this imposition of martial law as the reason behind the tumult that was created in Pakistan. Iskander hankered after power and tried to dominate his country. In fact, his insecurities of losing power as a president to Ayub Khan made Mirza conspire against the martial administrator. Unfortunately, the former president became a victim of the martial law which he had himself implemented. Thus, some flaws and wrongly made decisions became the reasons of his downfall. His rule as the President of Pakistan ended and he was forced to live a life devoid of glory


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