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Full name : Ivan Cankar
Alias : Ivan Cankar
Gender : Men
Country : Slovenia
Birthday : 10-05-1876
Address : Vrhnika
Animals : The Rat
Zodiac : Taurus
Died : 11-12-1918
Father :
Mother :
Siblings :
Wife :
Children :
Education : University of Vienna
Position :
Activists : Novelists

Ivan Cankar is a writer and playwright who is venerated as the father of modern Slovene literature and theater. Born in extreme poverty, Ivan and his family emigrated to the capital of the ruling empire. Even before graduating from a prestigious high school, the prolific writer had formed informative and influential contacts with an elite group of leading thinkers and writers. Published as a teenager, he soon began to expand on his vast volume of work, in the process becoming an ardent nationalist for his homeland and vocal defender of his native culture. After a global war shifted geopolitical lines, Cankar dabbled in politics, but fell back on his strength as being a persuasive writer. Crafting plays bursting with diamond sharp satirical wit and renowned for using lyrically vivid passages of fiction in his novels, Cankar soon became a superstar writer of his native language. Surviving two brief spells in prison, the eloquent playwright clashed with an administration that preferred to avoid emphasizing regional cultural identities. Despite the attempts at censorship, he emerged as a leading light in the rebirth of his homeland's native literature. After his death, Cankar was championed as a stalwart defender of his culture and heritage, and is today considered a national hero in Slovenia.


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