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Full name : Jean-Claude Duvalier
Alias : Jean-Claude Duvalier
Gender : Men
Country : Haiti
Birthday : 03-07-1951
Address : Port-au-Prince
Animals : The Rabbit
Zodiac : Cancer
Died : 04-08-2014
Father : François Duvalier
Mother : Simone Duvalier
Siblings :
Wife : Michèle Bennett, Veronique Roy
Children :
Education : University of Haiti
Position :
Activists : Political Leaders

Jean Claude Duvalier was the son of a tyrannical ruler of Haiti who ruled the nation only to deteriorate its condition. He followed his father’s footprints and led the nation in a dictatorial way. Apparently, this president was not as monstrous as his father and had done some good to the nation and its people. During his fifteen years of presidency, he had brought in some reforms to improve the condition of the people of Haiti. His rules were not as rigid as the former president. He made changes in the cabinet, lessened restrictions on the press. However, his greed for monetary wealth made him take up corrupt ways and misuse the resources which were meant for the public. During his presidency the United States restarted to release funds to provide aid to the Haitian Citizens which had been stopped during his father’s rule as the president. This gave him more opportunity to him to amass wealth. Possibly, he was a puppet at the hands of other Duvaliers. Even his presidency was not his choice but he was made to resume the post after his father, the former president, died. This could possibly be the reason behind his unsuccessful political career. He spent twenty five years in exile and he died three years after he went back to his country

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