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Full name : Joaquim Chissano
Alias : Joaquim Chissano
Gender : Men
Country : Portugal
Birthday : 22-10-1939
Address : Chibuto District
Animals : The Rabbit
Zodiac : Libra
Died :
Father :
Mother :
Siblings :
Wife : Marcelina Chissano
Children : Nyimpine Chissano
Education : University of Lisbon
Position :
Activists : Political Leaders , Presidents

An inspiration for many, Joaquim Alberto Chissano is an enthusiastic leader who believes in spirituality, and advocates that a spiritual approach towards life can bring peace and order to one’s life and the country at large. While most Mozambican children were deprived of basic education, the great leader was one among the few Black children who got an opportunity to pursue higher studies. His innate interest in politics took him to Tanzania, where he joined Mozambican expatriates, and together they formed the ‘Mozambique Liberation Front’ (Frelimo), in a bid to make Mozambique an independent nation. Joaquim is a skilful communicator, who helped Mozambique gain independence through his involvement in the ‘Lusaka Accord’ treaty, which was signed between ‘FRELIMO’ and the Portuguese government. His leadership qualities earned him the position of the Prime Minister of Mozambique during a transition period which lasted almost a year. This leader paved the way for a new constitution, which permitted multi-party elections and put an end to the one-party rule in Mozambique. During his presidency, the nation witnessed immense economic growth, and Mozambique emerged as one of the most prosperous African democracies. He is among the few political leaders who learnt the Transcendental Meditation technique and preached it amongst his acquaintances


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