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Full name : John Garang
Alias : John Garang
Gender : Men
Country : Sudan
Birthday : 23-06-1945
Address : Twic East County
Animals : The Rooster
Zodiac : Cancer
Died : 30-07-2005
Father :
Mother :
Siblings :
Wife : Rebecca Nyandeng De Mabior
Children : Chol Garang, Majok Garang, Mabior Garang
Education : Iowa State University Iowa State University Grinnell College University of Dar es Salaam
Position :
Activists : Political Leaders

John Garang, a member of the poor ethnic Dinka tribe, was a political leader, who initially served in the first ‘Sudanese Civil War’. While serving in the Sudanese army, he managed to complete his education, obtaining a PhD in agricultural economics from the 'Iowa State University'. The political leader continued to serve in the army, even after the 'Civil War' had ended. After serving eleven years in the regiment, he conspired against the government and formed a political organization named 'Sudan People's Liberation Army' ('SPLA'), comprising of more than 3000 soldiers. The organization revolted against the Islamic government with the aim of ousting the President Omar al-Bashir. This movement lasted for more than twenty years and came to be known as the 'Second Sudanese Civil War'. The civil war came to a close when the 'Comprehensive Peace Agreement' was signed between the 'SPLA' and President al-Bashir. Within a few months, Garang was declared the Vice-President of the nation of Sudan, and the sole leader of South Sudan. However, the newly appointed Vice-President held his office for less than a month, before a helicopter crash caused his untimely death. Despite being criticised by many, this politician is famous for having envisioned a united nation, named ‘New Sudan’, that would be ruled by representatives of all tribes of the country


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