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Full name : José Napoleón Duarte
Alias : José Napoleón Duarte
Gender : Men
Country : Salvador
Birthday : 23-11-1925
Address : Santa Ana
Animals : Ox
Zodiac : Sagittarius
Died : 23-02-1990
Father :
Mother :
Siblings :
Wife :
Children :
Education : University of Notre Dame
Position :
Activists : Civil Engineers , Political Leaders, Presidents

Jose Napoleon Duarte was the President of El Salvador from 1984 to 1989. He was a major political figure even before he became the president and had served as the mayor of San Salvador during the late 1960s. A principled man who genuinely cared about the welfare of his citizens, he played a key role in establishing new schools and providing basic amenities to the people during his tenure as the mayor. Following his successful stint as the mayor, he first ran for the presidency during the early 1970s. He was popular and well respected by the people and thus his election seemed likely. However, the incumbent military administration did not want him to win and thus halted the elections. Duarte supported a group of left-wing military officers in an attempted coup d'état in a bid to overthrow the government and was arrested and tortured because of this. He was also forced to go into exile in Venezuela for several years. But ever the resilient man, he came back to his homeland, determined to bring about a change. He again ran for presidency in 1984 and was successful in defeating ARENA party leader Roberto D'Aubuisson. As president he implemented measures to control the civil war and attempted to bring down the level of poverty in his country.


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