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Full name : José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia
Alias : José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia
Gender : Men
Country : Paraguay
Birthday : 06-01-1766
Address : Capricorn
Animals : The Dog
Zodiac : Capricorn
Died : 20-09-1840
Father :
Mother :
Siblings :
Wife :
Children : Ubalda García de Cañete
Education : National University of Cordoba
Position :
Activists : Dictators

Jose Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia was one of Paraguay’s first leaders after its independence; he was a supreme dictator of the country for 26 years. Ruling from 1814 until his death in 1840, he succeeded in establishing a strong, secure, and independent nation all by himself, at a time when Paraguay's continued existence as an individual country seemed doubtful. Born to an artillery officer, he was trained in theology and after serving as a professor for several years, he became a lawyer to help the less privileged, finally entering politics. He became a member of the cabildo (Paraguayan administrative council) and was later appointed as Secretary to the National Junta that had overthrown Spanish rule in 1811. Two years later, he was elected as the country’s sole leader, and in 1816, became the supreme dictator of Paraguay for life. He was a competent and an honest ruler but was terribly harsh. Despite his shortcomings, he was tremendously popular with the lower classes and in order to keep his country independent, he banned all foreign commerce. With all his inadequacies, he was one of the greatest figures in Paraguayan history and is remembered for his remarkable contribution to the development of his nation

  • Full name : Augusto Roa Bastos
  • Country : Paraguay
  • Day(Birth) : 13/06/1917
  • Activists : Poets
  • Full name : Manuel Ortiz Guerrero
  • Country : Paraguay
  • Day(Birth) : 16/07/1897
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