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Full name : K. R. Narayanan
Alias : K. R. Narayanan
Gender : Men
Country : India
Birthday : 27-10-1920
Address : Uzhavoor
Animals : The Monkey
Zodiac : Scorpio
Died : 09-11-2005
Father :
Mother :
Siblings :
Wife : Ma Tint Tint
Children : Chitra Narayanan, Amrita Narayanan
Education : 1943 - University of Kerala
Position :
Activists : Political Leaders , Presidents, Diplomats

K. R. Narayanan (Kocheril Raman Narayanan) was the tenth President of India. He broke the glass ceiling when he became the first Dalit to assume the office of the President. Narayanan was born and brought up in a very poor family. He had to walk for miles to reach his school only to stand outside the class to attend the lecture as his fees was always due. Even with such hardships, Narayanan finished his post graduate studies from the University of Kerala with first position. Soon after, he shifted to Delhi and took up a job as a journalist and when he aspired to go to the UK to pursue studies in Economics, he was helped by the wealthy and famous industrialist of India, JRD Tata. He finished his studies from London School of Economics and as soon as he was back, he was appointed as the Indian Foreign Service officer. During the course of his service he distinguished himself as one of the best diplomats of the country. He joined politics on the request of Indira Gandhi and served as a minister in Rajiv Gandhi’s cabinet. Later on, he went on to serve as the Vice President and the President of India.


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