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Full name : Katherine Mansfield
Alias : Katherine Mansfield
Gender : Women
Country : New Zealand
Birthday : 14-10-1888
Address : Wellington
Animals : The Rat
Zodiac : Libra
Died : 09-01-1923
Father : Harold Beauchamp
Mother : Annie Beauchamp
Siblings : Annie Beauchamp
Husband : George Bowden, John Middleton Murry
Children :
Education : Wellington Girls College Queen's College
Position :
Activists : Short Story Writers

Witty, gutsy, belligerent and strong-willed, this 19th century writer’s work and life, is both intangible and grappling. One of the most striking modernist writers of her time, Katherine Mansfield has inspired many of her contemporaries and has also been the subject of animosity among those who never flourished as much as she did in the genre of ‘short-stories’. Her works became so famous that writers like Christopher Isherwood and Aldous Huxley began to draw on her themes and characters for their plots and stories. She is best-known for the short-stories, ‘The Woman At the Store’, ‘A Dill Pickle’ ‘Je ne parle pas Francais’, ‘Bliss’, ‘The Stranger’ and ‘The Canary’. Apart from her literary career, she was an open bisexual and engaged in ravenous sexual relationships, which partly led to her downfall and made her career stagnant from time to time. Her free-spirited yet scandalous affairs with both, men and women, risked a great deal in terms of her career and also put her through considerable suffering in her lifetime. Her influence on the writers of the 20th century has been immeasurable as she constantly strived to explore new horizons with her writing through the expansion of vocabulary. Writing became the first and foremost medium for her to express her ideas and somehow, unburdened herself from her harrowing emotions; a sort of personal freedom she always seemed to yearn for. Scroll further to learn more about this interesting personality


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