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Full name : Kim Jong-un
Alias : Kim Jong-un
Gender : Men
Country : Korean
Birthday : 08-01-1983
Address : Pyongyang
Animals : The Pig
Zodiac : Capricorn
Died :
Father : Kim Jong-il
Mother : Ko Yong-hui
Siblings : Kim Jong-chul, Kim Jong-nam, Kim Sul-song, Kim Yo-jong
Wife : Ri Sol-ju
Children : Kim Ju-ae
Education : 2007 - Kim Il-sung University Kim Il-sung Military University
Position :
Activists : Dictators

Kim Jong-un is the current Supreme Leader of North Korea, a position he inherited from his father Kim Jong-il. Presently, he is the world’s youngest serving state leader and is the first North Korean supreme leader to have been born after the nation was founded. Kim Jong-un became the Supreme Leader of the ‘hermit kingdom’, soon after his father’s death in 2011, thereby overtaking his father, Kim Jong-il’s responsibilities and duties. He is known to be an absolute dictator and is ruthless in his behavior. Since gaining power he has eliminated several top leaders whom he considered a threat to his position. He gained recognition for portraying an open approach towards the public, giving media appearances, interacting with workers and soldiers and adopting a Westernized lifestyle compared to the traditional approach that prevailed during his father’s reign. However, this North Korean dictator hasn’t been successful in overcoming the challenges his father faced during his rule, including dire poverty, ruined economy and international tensions with America and South Korea

  • Full name : Kim Jong-il
  • Country : Korean
  • Day(Birth) : 16/02/1941
  • Activists : Directors
  • Full name : Kim Il-sung
  • Country : Korean
  • Day(Birth) : 15/04/1912
  • Activists : Presidents
  • Full name : Park Geun-hye
  • Country : Korean
  • Day(Birth) : 02/02/1952
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  • Full name : Syngman Rhee
  • Country : Korean
  • Day(Birth) : 26/03/1875
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