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Scientists » Biochemists » LUIS FEDERICO LELOIR

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Full name : Luis Federico Leloir
Alias : Luis Federico Leloir
Gender : Men
Country : Argentina
Birthday : 06-09-1906
Address : Paris, France
Animals : The Horse
Zodiac : Virgo
Died : 02-12-1987
Father : Federico Leloir
Mother : Hortensia Aguirre de Leloir
Siblings :
Wife : Amelia Zuberbuhler
Children : Amelia
Education : University of Buenos Aires
Position :
Activists : Biochemists

Luis Federico Leloir was an Argentinean physician and biochemist who won the Noble Prize for Chemistry for finding out the processes which convert carbohydrates into energy in the body. He was born in France but moved to Argentina with his family when he was only two-year-old. He started his research work on the role of adrenalin on the metabolism of carbohydrates and the effects of fatty acids when oxidized. Later on he worked on the process in which carbohydrate entering the body was broken down by nucleotides to produce sugar which was stored in the body and then converted into energy. He proved to the world that true scientific research on an international level could be carried out in a third-world and underdeveloped country even when the country is gripped with political unrest. Lenoir was also a good craftsman which helped him build equipments required for carrying out his experiments. Funds for research in Argentina were not readily available at that time. In times of distress Leloir’s expertise in making his own equipment helped him tide over difficulties faced due to the unavailability of proper tools allowing him to continue with his work without any hindrance.


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