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Full name : Maithripala Sirisena
Alias : Maithripala Sirisena
Gender : Men
Country : Sri lanka
Birthday : 03-09-1951
Address : Sri Lanka
Animals : The Rabbit
Zodiac : Virgo
Died :
Father : Albert Sirisena
Mother :
Siblings :
Wife : Jayanthi Pushpa Kumar
Children :
Education : Maxim Gorky Literature Institute
Position :
Activists : Political Leaders , Presidents

Maithripala Sirisena is a Sri Lankan politician who became the 7th President of Sri Lanka in January 2015. Prior to contesting in the presidential elections, he held a number of offices in Sri Lankan politics including that of the Minister of Health. He also served as the Acting Defence Minister on several occasions. The son of a World War II veteran, Sirisena hails from a family of farmers with no political background. The simple man from a rural background seemed like an unlikely candidate to end the 10-year-rule of the popular Mahinda Rajapaksa who he defeated in the presidential race. Sirisena’s rise from a low-profile minister to that of the president came as a surprise to many in Sri Lankan politics. He is indeed an unassuming man who does not speak English and is always seen wearing the national dress, but he undoubtedly is a man of great character and integrity. He has pledged to abolish the executive presidency and return the country to a Westminster-style parliamentary democracy and establish the police, the judiciary, and the civil service as independent institutions. He is also known for his courage as he has survived several attempts on his life so far. He has promised to lead the country on a path of economic growth and development and stated that national security will remain his top priority.


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