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Historical Personalities » Emperors & Kings » MENELIK II

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Full name : Menelik II
Alias : Menelik II
Gender : Men
Country : Ethiopia
Birthday : 17-08-1844
Address : Angolalla Tera
Animals : The Dragon
Zodiac : Leo
Died : 12-12-1913
Father : Haile Melekot
Mother :
Siblings :
Wife : Altash Tewodros, Befana Gatchew, Taytu Betul
Children : Zewditu
Education :
Position :
Activists : Emperors & Kings

Menelik II was the King of Shewa (1865–89), and the Emperor of Ethiopia (1889–1913). One of the most popular kings to have ruled over the African nation, he embarked on extensive expansion campaigns leading to the creation of a modern empire-state by 1898. A courageous and valiant warrior, he led his army to repel an invasion attempt by the Italians which earned him great fame and glory. Menelik was the son of Haile Melekot, the King of Shewa, and a court servant. Even though his parents were not married to each other at the time of his birth, his grandfather declared him as a legitimate heir. His forefathers had ruled over the kingdom of Shewa from the 17th century. His father died in a battle when Menelik was a young boy and Menelik himself was taken captive by the enemies. He eventually escaped and returned to his homeland which had since then been taken over by Bezebeh. A brave young man, Menelik successfully ousted Bezebeh and became the ruler of the kingdom that was rightfully his. Over the years he gained a reputation for fighting off Italian invaders and for expanding his territories. He was also known for modernizing Ethiopia and was respected for being a just and kind king

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