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Writers » Short Story Writers » MILJENKO JERGOVIĆ

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Full name : Miljenko Jergović
Alias : Miljenko Jergović
Gender : Men
Country : Croatia
Birthday : 28-05-1966
Address :
Animals : The Horse
Zodiac : Gemini
Died :
Father :
Mother :
Siblings :
Wife :
Children :
Education : University of Sarajevo
Position :
Activists : Short Story Writers , Novelists

Miljenko Jergovic is one of the most prominent living Croatian authors in the world today. Born to a minority ethnic family in a larger federation, he enjoyed a peaceful and idyllic childhood. Even as a young man, Jergovic knew his true calling was in the world of writing, and worked as a journalist while still in high school. Studying literature in university, he soon embraced the very best of the written works in his region. Soon after graduation, Jergovic published his first book, which heralded his arrival in the literary world. He then began a dual track career of writing informative and well-researched think pieces for media outlets and writing short stories and longer fiction novels. After a series of wars disrupted the geopolitical balance of his homeland, he resettled in a nearby capital city. When a prominent film director offered to turn one of Jergovic's novels into a movie, this talented writer was hired to write the award-winning screenplay. He continued a steady output of books, short story collections, poems and collections of his journalistic essays, and was awarded multiple times by distinguished literary bodies in his region. Today, Jergovic remains one of the most influential and respected authors in the Croatian language.


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