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Full name : Ne Win
Alias : Ne Win
Gender : Men
Country : Burma
Birthday : 14-05-1911
Address : Paungdale
Animals : The Pig
Zodiac : Taurus
Died : 05-12-2002
Father :
Mother :
Siblings :
Wife : Daw Ni Ni Myint, Daw Khin May Than, Daw Tin Tin, Daw Than Nyunt, June Rose Bellamy
Children : Sandar Win, Kyaw Thein, Ngwe Soe, Aye Aung, Phyo Wai Win, Kyemon Win
Education : University of Yangon
Position :
Activists : Dictators

Ne Win was a politician and military officer in Burma, who began his political career as a member of an organization called 'Dobama Asiayone'. He later went on to jointly form ‘Burma Independence Army’, along with his comrades. He soon started leading the Burmese army, and at the age of forty-eight, this leader became the second Prime Minister of Burma. Though his term lasted only two years, political ambition drove this general to lead a military uprising against the prevalent government. He was successful in his attempt, and introduced martial law in Burma, ruling the country as a dictator for nineteen years. During this time he introduced a few reforms that took care of peasant rights, illiteracy and medical care. However, most of his reign was marked by economic crisis, social discrimination and political upheaval. His policies against foreign trade, people of foreign nationalities, and the introduction of new currency regulations were not accepted by most citizens, leading to several cases of mutiny. In 1981, he gave up his office and appointed General San Yu as the president, but continued to exercise control over the military for the next seven years. When his son-in-law conspired against the ruling government, this former ruler was put under house arrest, and eventually lost all his power