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Full name : Nizar Qabbani
Alias : Nizar Qabbani
Gender : Men
Country : Sri lanka
Birthday : 21-03-1923
Address : Damascus
Animals : The Pig
Zodiac : Aries
Died : 30-04-1998
Father : Tawfiq Qabbani
Mother :
Siblings : Wisal Qabbani, Haifa Qabbani, Mu'taz Qabbani, Rashid Qabbani, Sabah Qabbani
Wife : Zahra Aqbiq, Balqis al-Rawi
Children : Hadba Qabbani, Tawfiq Qabbani, Omar Qabbani, Zainab Qabbani
Education : 1945 - Damascus University
Position :
Activists : Poets

Nizar Qabbani had been a prolific writer throughout his life. This Syrian poet had devoted his life to writing and penned some brilliant verses that still make the Arab Literary world proud. Since a very early age, he began to express his emotions and thoughts through the medium of poetry. He was deeply hurt when his sister committed suicide, but the reason behind it impacted him more. When he emerged as a poet, he tried to voice his opinions on women’s rights through his poetry. Almost all his writings are dominated with feminism and he, very well portrayed the plight of women in contemporary society. He was courageous enough to put forth his ideology to the society, even though they were bold and way ahead of their times. His advocacy of women and the way he composed his poems got him tangled in various controversies. However, this could neither put an end to his thoughts nor could it change the manner in which he wrote. This writer also represented his country as an ambassador to many other nations. However, he later quit his job as a diplomat and dedicated his life to write distinct and exceptional pieces of literature. His poetry will continue to be immortal for many more decades in the hearts of literature lovers.


  • Full name : Mahinda Rajapaksa
  • Country : Sri lanka
  • Day(Birth) : 18/11/1945
  • Activists : Presidents