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Full name : Omar al-Bashir
Alias : Omar Hassan Al-Bashir
Gender : Men
Country : Sudan
Birthday : 01-01-1944
Address : Hosh Bannaga
Animals : The Monkey
Zodiac : Capricorn
Died :
Father :
Mother :
Siblings :
Wife : Widad Babiker Omer, Fatima Khalid
Children :
Education : Egyptian Military Academy 1966 - Sudan Military Academy
Position :
Activists : Dictators , Presidents, War Criminals

Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir is the current President of Sudan who came to power in 1989 after he led a military coup to oust the government of Prime Minister Sadiq al-Mahdi. Bashir was a brigadier in the Sudanese army at the time of the coup. After assuming power he proclaimed himself the chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council for National Salvation and suspended all political parties, trade unions and government bodies. He also banned all independent newspapers and imprisoned leading journalists and political activists. His power grew immensely after he disbanded the Revolutionary Command Council for National Salvation in 1993 and declared himself the president of the country. A proud and egoistic man, Omar al-Bashir has often been criticized for his repressive rule and dictatorship. When he seized power, Sudan was in the midst of a 21-year civil war between north and south, and the political situation in the country has worsened since then. His friendship with Hassan al-Turabi, an Islamist politician with links to Arab militant groups, also added to his notoriety leading to accusations of harboring and providing sanctuary and assistance to Islamic terrorist groups. In 2009, the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant against Bashir for directing a campaign of mass killing, rape, and pillage against civilians in Darfur and he became the first sitting president to be indicted by the ICC.

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