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Full name : Rachel Hunter
Alias : Rachel Hunter
Gender : Women
Country : New Zealand
Birthday : 09-09-1969
Address : Glenfield
Animals : The Rooster
Zodiac : Virgo
Died :
Father : Wayne Hunter
Mother : Janeen Hunter
Siblings :
Husband : Rod Stewart, Kip Winger
Children :
Education : Renee Stewart, Liam Stewart
Position :
Activists : Models , Actresses

Rachel Hunter is a New Zealand supermodel and actress; she is one of the most photographed international cover models in the world. Born in Auckland, she burst into the international fashion industry at the age of 17 after being shortlisted by a modeling agency. Shortly after, she quickly rose to prominence after posing as a ‘Sports Illustrated’ model and soon emerged as one of the most stunning international cover models in the world. Apart from modeling, she took acting lessons and started her career with several television appearances and quickly made the transition into feature films as well as independent films. Not only is she one of the most photographed international cover models in the world, she also has numerous acting credits including appearances on popular US television programs, music videos and feature films. She is a staunch supporter of Born Free Foundation and a keen supporter of the Breast Cancer Campaign, and has been actively involved in the welfare activities. She has been a household name in New Zealand and overseas ever since she was a teenaged model.


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