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Full name : Ramon Magsaysay
Alias : Ramon Magsaysay
Gender : Men
Country : Philippines
Birthday : 31-08-1907
Address : Iba, Zambales, Philippines
Animals : The Sheep
Zodiac : Virgo
Died : 17-03-1957
Father : Exequiel Magsaysay
Mother : Perfecta del Fierro y Quimson
Siblings :
Wife : Luz Magsaysay
Children : Ramon Magsaysay, Jr., Teresita Banzon-Magsaysay, Milagros
Education : 1932 - José Rizal University University of the Philippines
Position :
Activists : Political Leaders , Presidents

Ramon Magsaysay was the seventh president of the Philippines. He is best known for defeating the communist-led Hukbalahap (HUK) movement and restoring law and order during his stint as the secretary of defense of the Philippines. In order to resist the HUK, he reformed the army by including honest farmers in the army units and dismissing corrupt and inactive officers. Magsaysay led, what is believed to be, the most successful antiguerrilla campaign in the modern history. As the president of the Philippines, Ramon Magsaysay maintained close ties with the United States and negotiated the Laurel-Langley Agreement, which was a trade agreement between the two countries to satisfy the diverse Filipino economic interests. He also brought about significant land reforms, including vast irrigation projects and enhancement of power plants. Trade and industry flourished during his time and the Philippines flourished in sports and culture. He remained an active spokesperson against communism during the Cold War. Magsaysay was well-known for his humility; he insisted on being called "Mr. President" and not "His Excellency". He was posthumously called the "Idol of the Masses".