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Full name : Reinaldo Arenas
Alias : Reinaldo Arenas
Gender : Men
Country : Cuba
Birthday : 16-07-1943
Address : Oriente
Animals : The Sheep
Zodiac : Cancer
Died : 07-12-1990
Father :
Mother :
Siblings :
Wife :
Children :
Education :
Position :
Activists : Poets

Reinaldo Arenas, a writer and poet, spent several years in prison during Fidel Castro’s regime in Cuba. Born and raised in the era of the Cuban Revolution, Arenas joined Castro’s revolutionary rebellion group as a teenager, but went against the regime after they began prosecuting homosexuals. He became one of the most influential figures after he openly opposed Fidel Castro’s regime and participated in numerous anti-Castro public debates during his exile in the US. An avid and untiring political activist, he fought for the rights of Cuban writers who were marginalised by the Cuban government. As his writings became increasingly critical of the government, he was not allowed to publish his works in Cuba. By the time of his death, nine of his novels, an autobiography, collection of poems, plays, short stories, and a number of political and literary essays, were published. Some of his well-known works include ‘Singing from the Well’, ‘Necesidad de liberdad’, ‘Farewell to the Sea’, ‘Pentagonia’ and his autobiography, ‘Before Night Falls’. To learn more interesting facts about his personal life, literary works, period of imprisonment and exile, scroll down and read this biography.


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