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Full name : Sali Berisha
Alias : Sali Berisha
Gender : Men
Country : Anbani
Birthday : 15-10-1944
Address : Viçidol
Animals : The Monkey
Zodiac : Libra
Died :
Father : Ram Berisha
Mother : Sheqere Berisha
Siblings :
Wife : Liri Berisha
Children : Argita Malltezi, Shkëlzen Berisha
Education : University of Tirana
Position :
Activists : Presidents , Prime Ministers

Sali Berisha is an Albanian politician who served as the President and the Prime Minister of Albania. Beside, being a politician, he is also a renowned cardiologist. Berisha studied at the University of Tirana and received a degree in medicine, with specialisation in cardiology. Berisha worked as a lecturer and researcher at the University of Tirana and went on to become a professor at the university. He was also a politically inclined person and became a member of the Albanian Party of Labor early on in his life. However, he became a political force only after he joined the Democratic Party of Albania and it was with the latter party that he entered the Albanian parliament. Sali Berisha became the President of Albania in the year 1992 and being a non-Marxist he ushered in an era of free market economics as well as privatisation that led to economic growth of the country after the Albanian economy had been in dire straits under the previous governments. Berisha also went to serve Albania as its Prime Minister for two consecutive terms.


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