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Full name : Satcha Pretto
Alias : Satcha Pretto
Gender : Women
Country : Honduras
Birthday : 05-04-1980
Address : La Paz
Animals : The Monkey
Zodiac : Aries
Died :
Father :
Mother :
Siblings :
Husband : Aaron Butler
Children : Bruce Aaron Butler
Education :
Position :
Activists : Journalists , Athletes, Marathon Runners

SatchaPretto Padilla is known for being one of the elite journalists in the Spanish-speaking media in the United States. Born to a loving and small family in Central America, Satcha made education her first priority, learning English as a small child. After working hard to complete studies in her homeland, Pretto was given a scholarship to a university in the United States. At first, mastering English was a challenge but with effort and dedication, she completed her degree. She then began her career working for a number of local television stations, earning recognition and awards for her hard work and in-depth investigations. She was then promoted to co-host several premiere programs, and continues today to be a nationally recognized news anchor. A rising star in the Latina community, Pretto's personal and business affairs are avidly followed on social media by her legions of fans. Now at the peak of her career, Padilla uses her name, recognition and fame to promote several charitable causes. An avid enthusiast for several disciplines of sport, Pretto has been awarded for her beauty as well as her journalistic endeavors. She currently serves as a spokesperson for several charities as well as an informal ambassador for her homeland.


  • Full name : Rafael Leonardo Callejas Romero
  • Country : Honduras
  • Day(Birth) : 14/11/1943
  • Activists : Presidents