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Full name : Sir Arthur Lewis
Alias : Sir Arthur Lewis
Gender : Men
Country : Saint Lucian
Birthday : 23-01-1915
Address : Castries
Animals : The Rabbit
Zodiac : Aquarius
Died : 15-06-1991
Father : George Ferdinand Lewis
Mother : Ida Louisa Lewis
Siblings :
Wife : Gladys Lewis
Children : Elizabeth, Barbara
Education : Saint Mary's College of St Lucia (1929) BS Commerce London School of Economics (1937) PhD Industrial Economics London School of Economics (1940)
Position :
Activists : Economists

Sir Arthur Lewis was a Saint Lucian economist who was well known for his contributions in the field of economic development. When blacks were normally barred from that academic profession, Sir Arthur Lewis broke one barrier after another by the sheer dint of his brilliance. He was a scholar and served as an economic advisor to many international commissions and to several African, Asian and Caribbean governments. He was also the first Black professor in Britain’s university system and also at Princeton University in the United States later on. Arthur Lewis was the first person of African origin to receive a Nobel Prize in a field other than peace. He contributed significantly to the British government policy in his early years, and later in his life applied his economic development ideas as a consultant to various African governments. Sir Arthur had an illustrious carrier not only in academics. He spent the same number of years in administration too. You can find more information on this brilliant personality in the biography given below.

  • Full name : Derek Walcott
  • Country : Saint Lucian
  • Day(Birth) : 23/01/1930
  • Activists : Poets