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Full name : Tove Jansson
Alias : Tove Jansson
Gender : Women
Country : Finland
Birthday : 09-08-1914
Address : Helsinki
Animals : Tiger
Zodiac : Leo
Died : 27-06-2001
Father : Viktor Jansson
Mother : Signe Hammarsten-Jansson
Siblings : Per Olov Jansson, Lars Jansson
Husband : Tuulikki Pietilä
Children :
Education : 1933 - Konstfack 1937 - Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki
Position :
Activists : Cartoonists , Novelists, Painters

Known today for her contributions to children's literature, Tove Jansson was an accomplished painter, writer and novelist in her lifetime. Born to a Bohemian, open-minded mother and an introspective, artistic father, Tove knew from a young age that she would grow up to be an artist. Raised by a proud and independent mother, she grew up free from much of the restrictions placed on women at the end of the Victorian Era. With the love and support of her family, she traveled through the capitals of Europe, studying and perfecting her artistic techniques. As war ravaged the continent, she began work on writing and illustrating a book for children, the first of a beloved series of fantastical adventures featuring an imaginary family of supernatural creatures. Jansson's books soon became recognized worldwide for their uniquely creative writing style and heartwarming drawings. Although originally scandalous, her decades-long public romantic relationship with another woman now makes her a pioneer in the burgeoning civil rights movement and a hero to many in the LGBT community. Heeding her artistic calling and independent nature throughout her career, she had a long and distinguished life in the public eye, eventually becoming one of the most celebrated authors in Scandinavian history

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