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Full name : Yanka Kupala
Alias : Yanka Kupala
Gender : Men
Country : Belarus
Birthday : 07-07-1882
Address : Maladzyechna Raion
Animals : The Horse
Zodiac : Cancer
Died : 28-06-1942
Father :
Mother :
Siblings :
Wife :
Children :
Education :
Position :
Activists : Poets

Ivan Daminikavich Lutsevich, who is more popularly known by his pseudonym, Yanka Kupala, is the one of the National Poets of Belarus. Having been interested in the folk stories of his countries from childhood, he took the bold step of writing in his native tongue at a time when Russian was considered the official language. His initial writings were prohibited from being published, and those that did get published, led to the poet’s arrest.This popular writer harboured nationalist sentiments, encouraging revolutionaries, through his writing, to fight for their freedom. His poems and plays were so patriotic, that he was often considered a threat by the earlier czarist government, as well as Russian leader Joseph Stalin. This also made him popular with the masses and he was hailed as the “people’s poet”. He has written famous poems like ‘Мужык’ (‘Peasant’), ‘Жалейка’ (‘The Little Flute’), ‘Адвечная песьня’ (‘Eternal Song’) and ‘Ад сэрца’ (‘From the Heart’). The expansive collection of his literary works have been translated into more than hundred international languages. Yanka is also remembered for his translation of the Communist anthem ‘The Internationale’. To pay homage to the Belarusian poet, who is revered across the world, ‘UNESCO’ celebrated his centenary, and the government of his country observed his 125th birth anniversary, on a grand scale.


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