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Why Capricorn is such a blessed sign
Everyone is blessed in some way, and Capricorns turn out to be one of the most blessed signs of all. The catch: we often take our blessings for granted. Here are the top Capricorn blessings – take note, appreciate!

1. We are born with a strong moral compass, which means we usually behave in a respectful manner and we tend to stay out of trouble.

2. We make the best use of our time when on task (so, basically that’s why we can achieve so much on the work front).

3. We have a very clever, relatable sense of humor (so we can lighten a dark situation easily with a little wit).

4. We have a lot of self-control, so we make smart choices that benefit us and others.

5. We have the best family-focused mindset, upholding traditions and maintaining strong nuclear ties... basically the core of most organized

religions (love thyself, thy family, thy neighbor). 


Bless YOU, Capricorn!

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